Russian military police to patrol de-escalation zones in Syria



Special units of Russian military police, equipped with light arms, will be deployed to de-escalation zones in Syria to provide safety and security there, Russia’s special representative on Syria has announced.

The units will be tasked with “controlling” fulfilment of peace agreements and will not be on any “combat mission,” the special representative of the Russian president on Syria, and the head of Moscow’s delegation at the Astana talks, Aleksandr Lavrentiev, told the media on Wednesday.

The military police “will be based along security lines in de-escalation zones,” the Russian official said, adding that further decisions on the presence of the Russian units in Syria are now being discussed in Astana.

“I would like to emphasize that those are non-fighting units,” Lavrentiev said. They will only have light arms for self-defense, he explained.

Moscow also suggested other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) should consider sending peacekeeping missions to Syria.


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