One against 19 – pretty good odds

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It’s Trump vs. the world at G-20 talks

Even PDT’s most hardened critics have to give the man credit for one thing, having a set big goolunies.

FRANKFURT, Germany — Competing visions of world trade are set to collide at the Group of 20 summit of world leaders in Hamburg, Germany, this week.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s “America First” approach faces off against the European Union and its support for broad free trade agreements, with the Europeans touting a new, far-reaching pact it is completing with Japan.

For decades the USA  has been the doormat for every country in the world and our rich Uncle $am who has been figuratively giving the store away. We now have a person sitting in the Big Chair that is not the run of the mill shop keeper; he is minding the store.

PDT has presented cold hard…

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