Under New Study, George Washington Could Be ‘Right-Wing Terrorist’

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Far worse than the errors, though, was the gross bias

gettyimages 3252310 Under New Study, George Washington Could Be Right Wing Terrorist

CIR researchers define terrorism so loosely that one could wonder: If they began their study with 1776, would our Founding Fathers make the list? Hulton Archive/Getty Images

June 28, 2017 By Selwyn Duke

“Far-right” terrorism is a vastly bigger threat than the jihadist variety, claims a recent study. Yet under its methodology, founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could be considered “terrorists.” Moreover, researchers included in the right-wing-acts category a black nationalist; a rampaging, mentally ill young man distraught over romantic failures; and a Colin Kaepernick supporter who describes himself as a “hard socialist.”

Conducted by The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), the research was disseminated uncritically by media last week with claims such as “Most Terrorists in the U.S. Are Right Wing, Not Muslim.” Yet digging into the…

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