Thin-Skinned CNN Bullies Can’t Take Their Own Medicine

The Foxhole

From Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire

Last week, the President of the United States tweeted out an idiotic meme of himself, from his WWE days, pummeling another combatant after clotheslining him. The meme included a CNN logo pasted over the combatant’s head, making it appear as though Trump was pummeling the CNN logo.

Dumb, funny, ridiculous.

Par for the course.

It was difficult for CNN to find a way to screw up the story. Here was President Trump tweeting out juvenile insults at them. All they had to do was scoff and point out that Trump is the president, not some 4chan shitposter. This was a gimme.

They blew the putt.

First, they claimed that the gif was an actual threat of violence — or at the very least, would prompt violence from Trump supporters. This comes shortly after a Bernie Sanders-supporting, Trump-hating leftist attempted to assassinate dozens of Republican…

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