Trump’s Action On Energy Empowers Local Leaders, Lays Groundwork For Prosperity

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By Katie Tubb and Nicolas Loris ~

“One step forward, two steps back.” That’s how we summed up the situation the last time an offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling proposal was announced.

That was in January 2015, when the Obama administration included several areas off the coast of Alaska and parts of the Atlantic coast in the 2017-2022 federal leasing plan. The proposed plan kept most coastal areas off limits.

Unsurprisingly, President Barack Obama’s final plan took three steps back by withdrawing lease sales from the draft proposal, closing up areas off the Pacific, Atlantic, and Alaskan coasts, and restricting opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and the Cook Inlet off South-central Alaska.

President Donald Trump stands with Energy Secretary Rick Perry, right, who as governor of Texas voiced opposition to federal over-regulation of energy. (Photo: Kevin Dietsch/CNP/AdMedia /Newscom)

In contrast, the Trump administration on Thursday announced the…

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