The group behind the debunked Russian dossier is stonewalling the investigation

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  Something interesting I have noticed during the Russia collusion/hacking scandal investigation: many people who were involved in the Trump campaign are willing to testify before the Congress but are being blocked by the Democrats while one of the groups at the center of the investigation, Fusion GPS, is stonewalling and appears unwilling to testify. Why is that? Do you find this as interesting as I do?

  Fusion GPS is the group behind the Russian Dossier which James Comey admitted was part of the basis into the investigation. This dossier has been proven to be false and Buzzfeed, which first ran with the dossier even though they admitted it could not be verified before CNN decided to run with it, is currently being sued for defamation. (On a side note it is interesting to note that CNN rehashed another version of the story over the weekend and…

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