Flashback in history: A Spectacle of Horror – General Slocum fire – 15 June 1904

Maritime Cyprus

On 15 June 1904, the excursion steamer General Slocum caught fire while operating on the East River in New York City. More than 1,000 passengers and crew lost their lives. It was one of the worst maritime disasters in US history. Congress responded by adopting a series of bills providing the Steamboat Inspection Service with authority to prescribe measures to prevent and extinguish fires and to determine the amount and type of lifesaving equipment to be carried on board.

This tragedy is much less well known compared to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of March 25, 1911, and the Titanic Disaster of April 15, 1912. Perhaps these two shocking events happening within a year focused people’s attention elsewhere. But the aftermath of the sinking of the PS Slocum radically altered the German-American community of the Lower East Side forever…

The PS Slocum, built in 1891, was a paddle boat or…

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