When Will People Learn That Incitement Is Not Free Speech?


Courtesy of Mr David Weissman & The Real Side

When Will People Learn That Incitement Is Not Free Speech?

Antifa, Resist, Trump
Antifa, Resist, Trump

Tragedy struck yesterday in Virginia when Congressman Rep Steve Scalise and several others were shot by a gunman while at a GOP charity baseball practice. We later find out that the shooter was none other than a Bernie Sanders supporter and was also part of the “Resistance” movement. Folks, this is not free speech. This is incitement. There is a difference.

Ever since this liberal Resistance movement, or what I call a terrorist organization, has taken off, the United States has almost become a war zone. This all began with incitement. The difference between incitement and free speech is, incitement has the potential to encourage or manipulate a person to harm or kill someone.


Incitement like this, that Hollywood celebrities…

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