Muzzies Attack, Kill Truckers in Calais

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Congratulations, Euros. The enemy has set up ambushes in you own countries.

Via Pam Geller

Where is Macron? No speeches from PM May at 10 Downing vowing to stamp out this hate? No marches for truck drivers? No flowers?

For months I have been reporting on the migrant siege at Calias. Muslim migrants mobs (mainly young men) brandishing weapons and trying to climb into trucks have made the gateway between France and Britain a war zone. They set up burning road blocks to slow down the trucks.

The drivers are on the front lines of the Muslim invasion. They have begged for help.

The chaos at Calais is the direct result of a failure by France to control its own borders. Traffic to and from the UK is now deadly. Trade, jobs and export is all put at risk — as are the lives of motorists and the good burghers…

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