Islamic State Comes To The Philippines

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Peter Hartcher on jihad in the Philippines:

What if the butchers of so-called Islamic State set up a branch of their barbarian “caliphate” in South East Asia with the aim of waging their vicious jihad throughout the region? Too late. They already have.

Declaring themselves to be “Islamic State – Eastern Region”, they … appeared as a minor news item last month – a gang of armed militants was reported to be attacking a minor city in the Philippines, fighting under the black flag of IS, or Daesh.

The Philippines National Army engaged the thugs… In spite of heavy fighting, aerial bombardment, tank fire, helicopter gunships and US technical support, the June 12 deadline for victory set by [President] Duterte came and went a week ago.And the city of Marawi, about the size of Hobart with a population of some 200,000, remains partly under…

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