Dems Embracing Occupy Thugs Lit the Fuse for Normalizing Political Violence

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<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Occupy Oakland - Source <a href="">Glen Halog</a>_Flickr (<a href="">CC BY-NC 2.0</a>)</span>Occupy Oakland – Source Glen Halog_Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Communists are always pointing their fingers at the right accusing us of the violence that their sock puppets are guilty. Case in point, last week’s shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by a hard-core radical, James Hodgkinson who also happens to be a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The Occupy Wall Street nightmare that began in 2011 has morphed into violent attacks on Republicans to resist and make America “ungovernable.”

Independent Sentinel by James Soviero

Since it took Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi less than 24 hours to call out Republicans regarding the attempted assassination of their own members by a hard left Bernie Sanders ideologue, let’s take the phony kumbaya gloves off. It has been Dems, beginning with their 2011 no apologies embrace of an oft times destructive, dangerous, felonious Occupy Wall Street movement, that began normalizing, even glorifying political…

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