Very good, it also explains why the Bundy’s are persecuted, and why Harry Reid wanted Bureau of Land Management to do the dirty work, because, there’s URANIUM, under that dirt. What grade? It varies. It will also explain the massive underground city that the US Government built as the mined out, URANIUM. It doesn’t stop there. Tennessee has uranium. Coal Country, has uranium. Deposit traces are also in limestone, when boring through for water. In fact, if there were a geologist handy, they could captivate us for hours upon hours, with mineral compositions. It’s not new. That is one of the explanations of why the CIA ran drugs out of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, dirty money to buy mines in Africa. Minerals. Gemstones. Untraceable. Big money. Let’s stuff another $100K inside our shirts, nobody will notice it.

Arlin Report

If at all possible a middle class, average American could ever again be appointed to a position like Secretary of State like myself, and I sold Uranium or any asset for that matter that did not belong to me personally to RUSSIA, deliver it in secret on a tarmac; what would happen to me.   Will once found out, I would drug through the mud, stomped on, then imprisoned or SHOT FOR TREASON.    WHAT THE HELL DO THEY USE URANIUM FOR?   WHAT DOES NORTH KOREA OR IRAN WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING?   URANIUM FOR NUKES!

Hillary Clinton?   Hardly a whimper about this.   We’ve known about this for quite some time.   I am sick and tired of different rules for people like the Clintons than what the rest of us have to live by.   We the People need (MUST) start raising more HELL with these…

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