VIDEO GOP Baseball Practice Shooting Only the Beginning – Trump ‘We Will Not Be Intimidated…”

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Republican Baseball Practice Shooting Only the Beginning

June 16, 2017 By Douglas V. Gibbs

Remember when the Obama presidency, the experts in the executive branch, his minions in Congress, his minions in the media and his minions on the streets tried to convince America that the Tea Party movement, military veterans and supporters of the Republican Party were capable of violence, and that we were somehow all a bunch of domestic terrorists?  Yet, the violence from the right-wing never manifested as the liberal left predicted.  Tea Party rallies were peaceful, and no mass shootings by Republicans ever happened.  When mass shootings did occur, the shooters always turned out to be Democrats.  But, the media conveniently didn’t discuss that part of the news.

The Domestic Terrorists are not from the GOP. They…

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