UK to Target ‘Deep Partnership’ With EU in Brexit Talks: Johnson

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LUXEMBOURG — British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said Brexit talks set to begin on Monday should aim to prepare the ground for a “deep and special partnership” that London wants with the European Union.

“The most important thing I think now is for us to look to the horizon … think about the future, and think about the new partnership, the deep and special partnership that we want to build with our friends,” Johnson told reporters ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

Brexit Secretary David Davis starts negotiations in Brussels later on Monday that will set the terms on which Britain leaves the EU and determine its relationship with the continent for generations to come.

(Reporting by Robin Emmot; Writing by Alissa de Carbonnel; Editing by Gareth Jones)

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One Response to UK to Target ‘Deep Partnership’ With EU in Brexit Talks: Johnson

  1. A what?
    “deep and special partnership”.
    On yer bike mate! Stuff them.
    No money for them and get a decent divorce lawyer involved.
    Then we’ll have half their assets (but none of their immigrants).
    We could claim maintenance! 100 Billion a year will do.
    After all they’ve taken more than that over the years!

    A hard Brexit is what is called for.
    Then, after, if they want to trade with us they get to say “PLEASE SIR” and not the usual B.S. threats they utter at every opportunity.

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