Arson attacks on German rail tracks, police probe G20 protest link — Shutdown G20: take Hamburg offline!”

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© dpa/AFP | A departure board at the main train station in Dresden showing delays in traffic. Several intercity rail tracks were hit by arson attacks overnight

BERLIN (AFP) – Several intercity rail tracks in Germany were hit by arson attacks overnight, police said Monday, in what could be protest action by left-wing extremists ahead of the G20 summit in July.

Cable ducts of rail signalling equipment were set on fire in the states of Lower Saxony, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony, police said.

“A political motive in relation to the G20 summit in Hamburg is not ruled out,” they said in an appeal for eyewitnesses.

In all, 12 cases of arson were reported, with the perpetrators believed to have struck between 1 am (2300 GMT) and 4:30 am (0230 GMT).

Services in several locations including the eastern cities of Leipzig and Dresden as well as long-distance lines linking Berlin…

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