What Needs To Happen To Get Back To Work

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I’m frankly appalled at the liberals in this country. They are the biggest bunch of sniveling, whining, losers and crybabies I think I’ve ever seen. And after the shooting of Steve Scalise and others while practicing for an annual charity baseball game, JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE REPUBLICANS, by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter, we are close to going, if not already gone, off the rails as a nation.

So, what has to happen to stop the madness we are experiencing from the left right now? Frankly, they need to grow up. Republicans, while never accepting Barack Obama as their president, and disapproving of his illegal methods of governing, never, ever took to shooting members of congress, or running roughshod over the opposition as the mainstream liberal media has been doing. As recently as Thursday, the once vaunted, New York Times decided to blame Sarah Palin, who had absolutely nothing to…

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