VIDEO Ordeal of American Hostage Otto Warmbier Demonstrates ‘North Korean Brutality and Mendacity’

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Otto Warmbier Family: Obama Did Not Do Enough to Rescue Him from North Korea

16 June 2017 by John Hayward

The family of former North Korean hostage Otto Warmbier blasted the Obama administration for its handling of his plight in a press conference on Thursday, as his doctors spoke of extensive brain damage and appeared to dismiss Pyongyang’s claims he was felled by botulism.

“He shows no signs of understanding language or responding to verbal commands,” neurologist Dr. Daniel Kanter said of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier. The doctor described his condition as “unresponsive wakefulness.”

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center said he was in stable condition but suffering from a “severe neurological injury.”

“I’m proud of Otto, and the courage he showed by going to North Korea,” Otto’s father Fred Warmbier said at a press conference on Thursday, wearing the same jacket Otto wore when he appeared in…

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