Democrats Want Answers, Nearly 200 Join Lawsuit Against Trump

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H/T Independent Journal Review.

While these 200 DemocRats are demanding answers about President Trump.

We the people want answers to the following questions.

We want answers about how a Russian company acquired 20% of the world’s weapons grade uranium and how 6 Billion dollars disappeared, all on Hildebeast’s watch, how 14.6 Billion dollars in hurricane relief aid for Haiti was disappeared by Slick Willie and his cronies and what he really jawed about with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac.  After we get answers to those questions, then the democrats can ask for answers to theirs.  Otherwise, the party of Maxine Waters and Chuckie Cheesey Schumer can go pound sand up their collective asses.              .

Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress have filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump, alleging that he violated the Constitution by not dispelling his ties to the Trump Organization and failing to request permission from Congress…

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