VIDEO Resistance Shot GOP Congressman – HuffPo Hides Article – Dem Hate Speech – Pelosi Ditches ‘Unity’ in <24 Hours

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Addicted to Hate: Pelosi Ditches ‘Unity’ in <24 Hours

Shooter attempts massacre of Republicans days after HuffPo piece


After losing the election, Democrats decided to rebrand as the “Resistance”. Now Resistance street violence has escalated into an assassination. But that’s what a “Resistance” does.

If Republicans are just fascists and President Trump is a tinpot dictator, well you shoot fascists and dictators, don’t you?

Our political system depends on a consensus. Everyone fights it out at election time. And then goes back to work the next day. When you reject the results of an election and try to reverse it, some will try to reverse it with fake news scandals and impeachment efforts.

Others will just pick up a gun.

And there’s no point in pretending that James Hodgkinson wasn’t a product of the left’s hate machine which encompasses everything…

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