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Nothing ventured – Nothing gained.

Reality Check

I was personally never a Donald Trump Fan.  Never have been.  But, when it was revealed he’d be running against Hillary Clinton, I couldn’t think of a better person to make a big win.

He’s a winning Businessman, even though many will point to all his “failures” like a few bankruptcies.  Even though such things are usually planned by businessmen to cut their losses on businesses that fail for various reasons (the least of which is usually bad business practices, or bad leadership).

He is a famous person.

He is a TV personality.

He is smart.  Very smart.

He has made billions of dollars.

Now, were there others who MIGHT have beat Clinton?  Not sure anyone could have.

But, Trump DID beat her.

The Left needs to get up, move on and get on with life and stop bitching.  They need to stop threatening everyone they see, calling them “fascists”…

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