In Case You Forgot…The DNC/Clinton Camp Dispatched Unstable Leftists to Attack Trump Supporters…

Trigger Reset

A Trump supporter is injured after sides clash at a rally for President Donald Trump at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, Calif., Saturday, March 4, 2017. Berkeley Police officers in riot gear arrested at least one person at the rally that attracted hundreds of pro-Trump supporters and opponents at a park less than a mile from the University of California, Berkeley campus. (Dan Honda/East Bay Times via AP)

Our small window of civility is quickly closing, but before it does I would like to remind the “everyone has to tone down their rhetoric” crowd that one side is more violence-oriented than the other.  One side has its leaders, figureheads, and celebrities fomenting anger with their violent rhetoric on the news and on their late-night TV “entertainment” shows.  When there is an incident, these leaders make excuses for the perpetrators.  The right certainly has its share of…

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