Electrical Power Generation Australia – The Finkel Report’s Fine Print: Electricity Plan Will Cost, Not Save

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By Andrew Bolt ~

You were told the Finkel plan pushed by the Turnbull Government would save you money. That was always unebleiveable.

But now it turns out that even Finkel had a catch that make that promise false.

Last week’s spin:

Australian households would save about $90 a year, or up to $1000 on their electricity bills over a decade to 2030 under the Clean Energy Target proposed by the Finkel review of the electricity sector, compared to a business-as-usual scenario for it.

The truth this week:

Dr Finkel’s briefing yesterday confirmed these calculations did not include the cost of his recommendation for a “reliability obligation” on new wind and solar projects to have to invest in batteries, hydro or other generators to ensure back-up power.

Judith Sloan identifies wierd assumptions in the Finkel plan.

It is a fake fix to a fake climate catastrophe. Hear…

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