Could The Shooting Actually Bring Congress Together?

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Steve Scalise, the GOP Majority Whip in the House of Representatives was shot on Wednesday during a practice for the charity baseball game between the Republicans and the Democrats. The assailant was a 66 year old loser out of Belleville, Illinois named James Hodgkinson, who was fatally shot by members of the Capitol Police who were in attendance at the practice. Others were injured as well in the melee that occurred basically because Hodgkinson, who was a Bernie Sanders disciple, thought that Donald Trump and the Republicans need to be taken down.

I will say that possibly there is one good thing that seems to have come from this. After the shooting, both sides, Republican and Democrat seemed, for the moment at least, to come together. They both wanted to let America know that this wasn’t the way it should happen. Maybe, just maybe, both sides will tamp down the…

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