Democrat Terrorist Attacks Americans; Democrats Cry out for Violating the U.S. Constitution…and Display their Painful Ignorance for All to See…

Trigger Reset

The Governor of Virginia, formerly an American state, dimocrat Terry McAuliffe stated TWICE that “93 million Americans are killed by gun violence each day.” (Wow, that means in four days, we’ll all be dead) Obviously disconnected from the truth and reality like everyone on the traitorous left, the Guv needs to wrap his tiny hate – filled mind around some simple truths:

  1. 93 million Americans ARE NOT killed each day, or each year by “gun violence.” Terry meant to say “93,” as he used a terror attack by his own kind to try and justify disarming Americans…so they could be attacked even more by the dimocrats. The 93 Americans a day figure is also deceptive, and some of those killed by firearms NEEDED KILLIN’…for example, the left wing terrorist dimocrat hero who opened fire at the baseball practice.
  2. Terry has a stupid argument…When libbies scream that the streets are awash…

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