Tom Cotton during Jeff Session’s testimony: ‘the only potential crimes we actually know of are leaks’

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 Jeff Sessions testified today in the Russian collusion scandal and Democrats, longing to find some evidence of collusion, grilled the Attorney General but for all of their bluster they did not feel in necessary to ask Jeff Sessions about the leaks which are running rampant in Washington.

  The Democrats are desperately searching for proof to back up their claims but every time they appear on television and make the collusion claim they are forced to admit that “as of this time” they do not have any proof. This has not stopped them from making the claims however.

  It was up to Tom Cotton today to remind people that there is proof of crimes but nobody is talking about these crimes. He was talking about the leaks. Here is more:

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed the Russia probe as he listed the most recent leaks of classified information to…

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