European Sanctions are Killing Syrian Children That are Hostages to the Conflict


Muhammed Ali Zaarur told the media that his five-year-old grandson Ahmed had been treated from cancer four years ago. His mother had died and now the elderly man brings the child to a hospital every three months for physical examination and analyses.

He said that he hopes the punitive measures will be dropped as soon as possible; they had led to the shortages of valuable medication. If the ban is listed Syria’s young cancer sufferers could receive the treatment they need to stand a fighting chance.

The Chief Doctor of al-Jami hospital, Mazen al Haddad, told Sputnik that Syria is in dire need of about 30 types of cancer medication for children. Due to the shortages, the disease is progressing. Besides, he said, it is impossible to conduct certain types of medical surgery, such as bone marrow transplantation, among others.

“The cost of such surgery for the Syrian government amounted…

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