Woman who accused Greendale police of profiling during traffic stop has withdrawn her complaint

The public, maintains a right to raise concerns and file complaints, and that is not a bad thing. The public, cannot file false reports, that is a crime. From what is indicated in the article, reasonable grounds did exist for the complainant’s concerns. Upon further development, the complainant opted to rescind the complaint.
Rather than have things in America turn ugly regarding immigration and a return of the Redneck Cop Syndrome, the answer is Constitutional Carry, and the reason being, there would be zero necessity to inquire of any person their immigration status because they are not a threat. Under current conditions, law enforcement maintains Common Right of Inquiry, and that is not bad unless, abuse is involved, predominantly, racism in some form, which has no place in law enforcement because all of the public must be professionally served. Leave it at the curb before you walk in and get in uniform.

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H/T Fox 6 News.com.

I hope this woman can still be charged with filing a fraudulent complaint against the officer.

However she has two things in her favor in not being charged she is hispanic and a woman. 

GREENDALE — A woman who accused Greendale police of profiling her during a traffic stop has withdrawn her complaint. This, after Greendale police completed an investigation into the matter.

Katherine Torres

Katherine Torres filed a complaint with the police department on Friday, June 2nd. Torres says she was driving back to work from her lunch break on that Wednesday when a Greendale police officer pulled her over. Torres says the officer’s first questions were not the ones she expected.

“The first thing he asked me was, ‘Are you a U.S. citizen?’ Then he asked for my Social Security, then he asked for my license and, finally, he asked for my insurance card,” Torres said in…

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