Electrical Power Generation Australia – Sloan, McCrann: The Truth on Prime Minister Turnbull’s Mad Plan

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Judith Sloan has been devastating on Malcolm Turnbull’s mad electricity plan.

Today again:

If you believe your annual electricity bill will fall by $90 every year for the next decade, you will believe anything. Renewables will go from 28 per cent of electricity generation in 2020 (including rooftop photovoltaics) to 42 per cent in 2030 (and 73 per cent in 2050) — but your electricity bill will fall each year. That’s the Finkel review message.

It flies in the face of what we know about the international experience of renewables: there is an almost perfect positive relationship between the penetration of renewables and the price of electricity…

This politically attractive forecast of falling electricity prices mirrors the equally ridiculous modelling result that emerged from the Warburton review of the renewable energy target released in 2015. We were asked to believe wholesale electricity prices would actually fall…

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