Dems Complain DHS John Kelly Is Not Following Their Commands

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12 Jun 2017 by Neil Munro

Democratic Senators think homeland security chief John Kelly is not doing enough to implement their Democratic priorities, according to a litany of partisan complaints showcased by Politico.

The Democratic priorities for Kelly include him ending the enforcement of immigration laws which keep Americans’ wages from disappearing in a flood of cheap labor and cheap drugs, him publicly backstabbing other leaders in President Donald Trump’s cabinet, and him sabotaging Trump’s election-winning promise to build a border wall.

“I would like to think he would be a moderating force … He has an understanding of why people want to come to this country, so I would think, hopefully, that would be part of his thinking,” a disappointed Nevada Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto grumbled to Politico.

“Look, we’ve had some arguments, the secretary and I,” Democratic Sen. Bob Casey told Politico. “I want…

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