Ambassador Rodman????

Rodman = Espionage.
The NK Fat Kid must be killed.

The Goomba Gazette

Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea to ‘try and open a door’ to Pyongyang

I learned a long time ago; never say never to anything. As strange as somethings may seem, I never discount anything.

If Dennis The Menace Rodman is the answer to getting the Kid-Dick-Tator to come around, why not.  I really don’t see the fascination between The Kid who has been threatening to blow up the world and the over the hill double-dribbler. But who am I to judge.

One thing I can say with conviction; both Rodman and The Kid are both certified nut cases.  Rodman because of his outlandish appearance and his on the court and off the court behavior through the years.

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Then we have The Kid who has been pamper, spoiled and brain washed since birth to carry on where his grand-daddy and old-man left off; ruling North Korea with a brutal…

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