Reps. Green and Sherman announce plan to file articles of impeachment

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H/T Fox News.

I find it hard to imagine what it is like to go through life as ignorant and delusional these two DemocRats are.

Firing Little Jimmy Comey was not obstruction of justice but rather an event that was long overdue.

Two Democratic congressmen plan to draft articles of impeachment after accusing President Trump of obstruction of justice, despite a large swath of bipartisan lawmakers warning against a rush to judgment.

In a press conference Wednesday, Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, and Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., announced their intention to draft articles of impeachment.

The announcement came hours after four crucial intelligence witnesses testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and fielded questions regarding the Russia probe and possible Trump campaign collusion, and the day before former FBI Director James Comey gives his long-awaited testimony.

“In the spirit of keeping the republic, I have concluded that the president has obstructed justice and in…

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