Local Pain But No Gain

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Cities and states can increase costs but they won’t change global temperature

By Craig Rucker ~

State and local officials from left-leaning enclaves are vowing to ignore President Trump’s withdrawal from the UN climate agreement by keeping their governments aligned with the tenets of the Paris accord.

Their citizens should prepare to pay more and earn less.

Governor Jerry Brown told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “This is just a temporary deviation from the norm, the world norm, and it will be corrected.”  On Tuesday Brown signed an agreement with China to reduce emissions in keeping with the UN pact.

California is an economic behemoth, boasting one the top ten economies in the world.  It is also, however, bedeviled by staggering public deficits and expense.  Its public welfare outlays are ballooning.  Its public pension systems are imploding.  A proposed single payer health plan for the state would cost a mind-blowing $400 billion…

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