VIDEO In-Depth look at ‘Psyche’ of Globalists, 4 Things They Think You Are Too Stupid To Understand

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4 Things Globalists Think You're Too Stupid To Understand

June 9, 2017 by John Griffing

Most Americans by now have read or heard Infowars warn about the dangers of globalists, and the “new world order,” but the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming — and it’s easy just to throw out the information, or trust someone else to take action.

We will approach “globalism” a different way.

Instead of just examining the raw facts (he said, she said, time, place, date) and then hoping people connect the dots (often a maze that would make a minotaur dizzy), Infowars will provide an in-depth look at the “psyche” of globalists.

And, we will endeavor to probe the basic assumptions that guide their daily lives — rather than hem and haw at the objectively horrible things they do and say.

After reading our exposé, any Infowarrior will understand for themselves “why” globalists do what they do.



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