Kuwait Says Qatar ‘Ready to Understand’ Gulf Concerns — Plus links to more on Qatar crisis

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KUWAIT — Kuwait’s foreign minister said on Sunday that Qatar was ready to listen to the concerns of other countries in the Gulf, state news agency KUNA reported, and that his country would continue its efforts to patch a rift within the Gulf.

“(Kuwait) affirms the readiness of the brothers in Qatar to understand the reality of the qualms and concerns of their brothers and to heed the noble endeavors to enhance security and stability,” KUNA quoted the Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah as saying.

“The state of Kuwait will not abandon its efforts and will continue its good will efforts to patch the rift and find a solution that will deal with the root cause of the causes of the dispute… in the brotherly relations,” he added.

(Reporting By Noah Browning, editing by Sami Aboudi)


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