In Fight for Philippine City, a Painful Window on War — Watching a city being destroyed

Peace and Freedom

MARAWI, Philippines — From the third-story window of a barren government office building he now lives in as a refugee, Nasir Abdul is watching his city being destroyed.

Nearly every day for the past three weeks, the Philippine military has pounded the lakeside town of Marawi with rockets and bombs as it tries to wipe out militants linked to the Islamic State group in some of the most protracted urban combat to hit this volatile region in decades.

And on nearly every one of those days, Abdul has stood at the window and watched along with dozens of others who can’t turn away from the deadly spectacle taking place just a mile away.

As plumes of thick black smoke wafted above the city’s minarets again Friday — a day of intense skirmishes that saw the army lose 13 marines…

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