Blockade on Qatar Brings Fear

Peace and Freedom

Both Bahrain and the UAE have publicly declared it a crime, punishable by multiyear prison sentences, to show sympathy for Qatar or to criticize their governments’ policies toward Qatar on social media or any other means of communication.

At several supermarkets, there were some shortages of foods imported from Saudi Arabia, such as milk and yogurt. But the panic-driven long lines and hoarding seen earlier in the week were gone. There were now milk and juice from Turkey, a key ally of Qatar, on the shelves, mitigating the lack of products from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Still, there remain some concerns about the future availability of some foods.

“We are worried about losing access to our relatives in other GCC countries,” said Walaa El-Kadi, a Lebanese woman who has lived much of her life in Qatar. She was referring to the Gulf Cooperation Council, a body of six Persian…

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