What Other Democrats Are Saying About Hillary

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So I had a two-parter earlier this week talking about “Getting Ready For Hillary version 3.0”, and basically it had to do with her rants that she’s been making. It IS enough to make you sick, and apparently I, as a conservative, am not the only one thinking that. Now Democrats from former Obama administration officials to former Clinton campaign folks are wishing the two-time presidential candidate would just go away.

Most of them are saying that she is doing no good for the Democrats, and I’d be inclined to agree with them. Most of them are saying she’s blaming everyone but herself for her loss, and that isn’t good for the party, especially when she’s blaming the party for the loss. And I would also agree with that. It’s very difficult for a party to get past a tough election loss (on either side of the aisle) when your…

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