U.S. Strikes Pro-Assad Forces for Third Time in One Month


pennine:It makes no sense that while  Syria & Russia are doing excellent work in cleaning the world  of the kind of toxic  terrorism which infatuated Moslem youth-(including those born in the UK, who seemingly are  at liberty to go off to join,then return back here despite the grave danger being  posed to the British public & visitors to our land by way of jihad-terrorist attacks of which we have suffered three as of late: *London Westminster, *Manchester Arena & *London Borough Market/London Bridge) -are drawn into joining, while the American forces & its allies (which includes the UK)  are seemingly defending.

                  We (our armed forces) have no business there in someone else’s sovereign country. Someone has compared it  to criminals breaking into someone else’s  home. I agree. If the houseowner & his invited guests shoots & kills the uninvited  intruders, it is justified homicide. They are certainly no…

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