It’s All Coming Apart, This Is Where It Gets Scary – Episode 1301

If Greece, were to halt payments to NATO, things would be much better for them and, most NATO nations are deadbeats, anyway. That 2% GDP would help Greece if they kept it from NATO. Add to that, if Greece refused to accept and support refugees, there would be another substantial savings.


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Greek government is getting ready to freeze pensions to 2022 as a requirement for more debt. Someone dumped 4 billion on notional gold contracts and silver contracts.Consumers are tapped out and the purchases of autos, student loans and using the credit cards is now slowing down. The next asset bubble cracks and it is spreading fast.The bail-in era has arrived, the tests are complete and now the central banks are ready when banks start to fail. The central banks have been purchasing the stocks of companies, they have been propping up the market, and now they can bring down the market very easily. Comey testifies in front of congress and it did not go as planned. The deep state is in trouble and it is falling apart. There was not Russian investigation, Trump…

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