VIDEO U.K. Leaders: Fight Terror With Global Internet Censorship

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June 6, 2017  by  Alex Newman

U.K. Leaders: Fight Terror With Global Internet Censorship

Pointing to the latest terror attack to hit the United Kingdom, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May (shown) again called for “international agreements” to regulate and censor the Internet under the guise of battling “extremism.” Under the proposed plot, international agreements would be used to regulate speech in cyberspace with a goal of stopping “ideologies” that authorities do not agree with from having a “safe space” online. The scheme also seeks to conscript private companies and foreign powers into the government assault against freedom of speech and freedom of religion. But critics have expressed alarm over the Orwellian implications of allowing the government to decide what can and cannot be said.

As is typical when politicians are working to restrict freedom and expand government power, the plot to clamp down on free speech online was marketed as a tool to keep people safe. At…

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  1. Cheaper option, let the lawabiding CC.
    We’ll pay for the ammo.

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