Reality Winner (Liberal Traitor), Denied Bail (and she Desired to Burn Down the White House)…

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I’m amused that this “progressive” skank thinks she can use the “pretty, white and cute defense”…

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. – An Augusta woman charged with leaking classified information was indicted by a federal grand jury on one count, but prosecutors said they are likely to add more.

A federal magistrate judge held a detention hearing for Reality Winner Thursday afternoon.

The 25-year-old worked as a contractor for the government and is accused of giving classified information from the National Security Agency to an online news outlet.

She entered a not-guilty plea. The judge denied bond.

Prosecutors argued that the only thing Winner could do if she were released on bail is be recruited by the nation’s enemies.

Based on evidence seized from her home, federal prosecutors detailed Winner’s alleged plans to burn down the White House and travel to Afghanistan, pledging her allegiance to the Taliban.

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