Comey Clears Trump BUT Implicates HIMSELF!

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Today’s SHOW by former FBI director Comey was nothing short of drama and intrigue…..ah wait….it was a FLOP! The leftist were sitting on pins and needles waiting for Comey to say something that would implicate President Trump in the Russian Affair but instead Comey vindicated the President which surprised everyone. That sent the leftists into a tail spin but Comey wasn’t finished yet!

The clincher came when Comey implicated HIMSELF by telling the Senate Intel Committee that as director of the FBI he had a lead network set up and he actually used it to release memos about his meetings with Trump to the media.

So let me get this straight….. the President upset of leaks in his administration asked the then director of the FBI to investigate the leaks and identify who was responsible for the leaks YET the then FBI director himself (Comey) was one of the leakers!!

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