How much has it cost this lynch mob so far??

The Goomba Gazette

So far; after millions of dollar$ and 1,000’s of wasted male and female hours; the only thing the lynch mob came up with is a lot of speculation and hot air.

According to former FBI Chief Comey; there may have been some minor tampering around with Russia by some of PDT’s crew but he was not directly involved.

COMEY OPENS UP: Says Trump team lied, but didn’t ask to end probe

Let us be hypothetical for a minute. Assume that the lynch mob did find some dirt on PDT; what the hell are going to do with it?  The USA has a long history of letting indiscretions by their Commander-in-Chief slide. Right Wild Bill?

Is all of this wasted time and money just so the Boulder Roller can say: I got ya man?

How many pressing issues domestically and across the pond are hanging over the head of the USA’s…

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