Counterfeit Products On Amazon Hurting Small, Big Businesses Alike


From CBS Los Angeles

Apple, Birkenstock, even Mercedes-Benz have warned about fakes on Amazon.

LOS ANGELES ( — When Amazon picked up the Forearm Forklift, the owner, Mark Loprieato, thought his Baldwin Park business would be lifted into the multimillionaires club.

But instead of a sales boom, it was a sales bust.

Loprieato says his product suddenly started getting bad reviews. So he looked closer at the listings on Amazon and discovered it was not his listing.

People were ripping off his product, not one but dozens of fake listings on Amazon using the Forearm Forklift name, logo, even photos.

“We rate every single strap at 1,200 pounds,” said Loprieato, looking at a counterfeit of his product. “This is rated at only 200 pounds; that’s it.”

He says there are so many fake Forearm Forklift listings on Amazon that he now has full-time employees weeding them out and dealing with…

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