Will You Help Save America?

Gene McVay On Guard

Democrats & their corrupt media are at war with Russia & our President.

The rest of America is fighting a global war on Islamic Terrorism.

I spent most of my USAF career, after Vietnam, flying jet fighters and training for nuclear war with Russia.

Russia did not bring down the World Trade Center!

I did witness collusion with Russia when President Obama was caught on hot mike with a message for Vladimir. After that, Russia gained control of 20% of our uranium and Russia’s ally, Iran, got pallet loads of United States Currency. Enough cash to fuel terrorism and nuclear proliferation for the foreseeable future.

I believe Obama cash delivered on the tarmac under the cover of darkness, is funding North Korean’s nuclear ICBM misbehavior along with the Iranian nuclear program

After President Obama changed the mission of NASA to reaching out to Islam, the United States became totally dependent…

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