VIDEO Special Prosecutor Named For Russia Probe – Special Counsel Is Wrong Choice – Comey Perjury To Congress?

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Special Prosecutor Named For Russia Probe, Investigation Moving Forward

May 17, 2017  By Andrew West

The democratic storyline regarding the Russian “influence” on the 2016 election just won’t die.

Perhaps that has to do with Hillary Clinton’s own air of inevitability heading into the unconventional contest.  Clinton, who it was revealed hoped to face off against Donald Trump in November, believing that he would be the simplest of the republicans to best, needed to invent an excuse for her embarrassing defeat.  While taking responsibility for the American people’s mistrust of her due to numerous leaks of damning information was out of the question for the corrupt politician, raising the specter of an international boogeyman was certainly not above her shameless demeanor.

So began a long and arduous sputtering and spewing of pseudo-facts and contentious drivel aimed at connecting Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin.

In all honesty, Clinton had been planting…

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