VIDEO “Deep State To Destroy Trump Presidency”… How To Read WaPo, Fake News – Defeating 5 Take Down Forces

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Dennis Kucinich: “Deep State Trying To Destroy Trump Presidency”…

Appearing tonight on the Sean Hannity TV show on Fox News, former Ohio democrat congressman Dennis Kucinich states he believes the unelected institutional Washington DC based bureaucratic system known as “deep state” is attempting to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

People within Deep State institutions attempting to damage President Trump because he is an existential threat to their interests.

Western Media / Libyan Propaganda (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)Understanding The UniParty “DEEP STATE” – During the time in 2011 when political warfare over the debt ceiling was beginning to paralyze the business of governance in Washington, the United States government somehow summoned the resources to overthrow Muammar Ghaddafi’s regime in Libya, and, when the instability created by that coup spilled over into Mali, provide overt and covert assistance to French intervention there.

mccain-in-syriaAt a time when there was heated debate about continuing meat inspections…

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