Ross Douthat Childishly Begs For Trump’s Removal Via 25th Amendment

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By P.J. Gladnick ~

Ross Douthat, the “conservative” David Brooks mini-me at the New York Times, wants President Donald Trump removed from office pronto. Although Douthat admits in his May 16 column that Trump has probably not done anything actually impeachable, he still wants him out of office because his supposed “childishness” offends him.

Since Trump’s very presence in the White House offends poor Douthat’s (pictured) delicate urbane sensibilities, he childishly places his belief in The 25th Amendment Solution for Removing Trump:

The presidency is not just another office. It has become, for good reasons and bad ones, a seat of semi-monarchical political power, a fixed place on which unimaginable pressures are daily brought to bear, and the final stopping point for decisions that can lead very swiftly to life or death for people the world over.

One does not need to be a Marvel superhero or Nietzschean…

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