Not THUGS Huh??

Each should get 100 lashes of the whip.

The Goomba Gazette

Three Mississippi scumbag punks, the kind that get pissed off and take offensive if someone calls them a THUG; stole  a car from a lady in Mississippi that had her 6 year old son in the back seat and took off.  The worst part of the crime is to come.

According to the cops, the mother, Ebony Archie, left the boy in the car, its engine running, while she went inside the supermarket. I am sure a mistake that will haunt her to the grave.

The scumbag, THUG, punk killers were identified as, THUG # 1 Byron McBride, THUG # 2 D’Allen Washington and THUG # 3 Dwan Wakefield.


The trio of cowards, thieves, killers would rather shoot and kill this handsome 6 year old little one, than take a chance that he could identify them. That is exactly what they did.


The cops found Kingston Frazier at the end…

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