Dear Society Please Stop ‘Victim-Shaming’ Rape Survivors

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The issue of rape victim blaming is nothing new anywhere in this world, in ways different and similar societies shame rape victims and trivialize this heinous crime by the classical ‘It is your fault’ narrative. People are quick to tell the rape survivor that she was asking for her on pretext of being dressed in certain way or not.

Deep rooted misogynist ideas and distorted understanding of culture and religion always find excuses to excuse the rapists whereas all the blame falls on the victim.

Being a woman I get boggled as how people fail to understand, that no women ever invites rape, regardless of their relationship status, their presence in some so and so place and mode of dressing or any other strange ideas that we get to hear when a rape case emerges.

Usually people, both men and women act quite like jerks when discussing a rape, they…

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